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‘Metal is a light, colorful and warm material.‘

From design to crafts

Her career began at the Ensaama Olivier de Serres in Paris. Prisca first studied product design and then chose to turn to Crafts and joined the Metal Workshop. After a 5-year course to build and develop her approach between craftsmanship and design, she made her debut at Ateliers Synapses where she refined her technical skills. There, she had the opportunity to work on projects ranging from product design to interior architecture.

At the end of 2019, she decided to set up her own business and moved to a shared workshop in the region of Paris. She is now dedicated to the design and manufacture of custom furniture and objects.

Between Paris and Madagascar

Of Franco-Malagasy origin, the interbreeding of cultures is at the core of her approach. It generates a language of forms between surrealism and minimalism. She finds inspiration both in tribal arts, which she has encountered through her travels in Africa, but also in movements such as the Decorative Arts and the Bauhaus. This crossbreeding is also a crossbreeding of practices. She plays with the semantic limits of the object and places her work halfway between sculpture and design.

A feminine approach

Her creative process consists in questioning the shaping processes and their impact on the material, both in their formal and aesthetic dimensions. She’s fascinated by the sensitive and delicate aspect of metal and she likes to deconstruct prejudices about it. Her approach of this material is light, colorful and warm.

The French refinement

Prisca works in collaboration with French suppliers and service providers. She respects an ethical manufacturing of proximity and local consumption.

Each piece is numbered and stamped. Quality and refinement are at the core of her process. A certificate of authenticity is systematically provided.

The ‘Under Pressure’ project

Under Pressure is a series of contemporary furniture. It questions the shaping processes in their formal and aesthetic impacts on the material.

“ To shape my objects, I use a process from the automotive industry, the injection of pressurized air. Compressed, deformed, the metal sheet adopts a living and dynamic form. The design of my objects deals with the randomness of this process. Indeed, I always let the metal suprise me since I can’t control everything during the operation. As a result, each object is a single object. ”
Take a look behind the scenes of the Under pressure project. Copper, air, flames and a touch of poetry immortalized in a short video, to spend a few minutes behind the scene.

The heating color

The heating color is a color obtained by heating the sheet with blow torch. This technique accelerates the oxidation of the metal. This is how we can have shades ranging from pearl grey to fuchsia, including yellow or orange by heating each piece with a flame. Each temperature has its own unique tone, each metal has its own shades ranging, which offers a multitude of color possibilities for the same piece.

About ‘sideprojects

Prisca does not only produce pieces for her future collections. She also works hand in hand with architects and designers helping them to realize their projects. These collaborations are each time new conceptual and technical challenges which allow her at the same time to nourish and develop her approach.

‣  side projects


SEP2021   .   ‘sitdownplease’ - France Design Week - Nantes

SEP2020   .   ‘instantT’ - Paris Design Week - Paris

SEP2020   .   ‘sitdownplease’ - France Design Week - Nantes

DEC2019   .   ‘sitdownplease’ - Launch of the periodical ‘Design d'Art et de Métiers’ - Atelier LaurenceD - Paris

OCT2019   .   ‘sitdownplease’ - Week-end du Design et des Arts - Palais des Congrès - Antibes Juan-Les-Pins

MAY2019   .   ‘contemplation’ -  Salon Révélations R4 - Grand Palais - Paris

NOV2017   .   Diploma research project - Bibliothèque Forney - Paris

JUIL/OCT2017   .   Diploma research project - Centre culturel ARCADE - Château de Sainte Colombe en Auxois

NOV2016   .   Light sculpture ‘mercury’ - Carrousel des Métiers d’Art et de la Création - Carroussel du Louvre - Paris

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